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I enjoy a good adventure–but Roz Savage’s bar is higher than mine (and her biceps are bigger).  This Globe & Mail article, Goodbye husband and career, hello high seas,  sparked some interesting discussion in the Comments section.  roz savageFor me, it challenged the notion of a conventional life.  I like what she says about her process of self discovery: “It wasn’t about what I would do, but it was about the kind of person that I would be. And I think I recognized in that moment that I had that potential to actually become that more happy, more achieving person.”  She really seems to have found the “word” that aligned to this period of her life.  “I suppose at that point I was really about freedom. I had this list of criteria. It was going to be something that would help me to grow as a person, so ideally it would have to be something solo. It needed to be adventurous.”  Agree or disagree with her choices, we’ve all got a yearning to explore the full extent of who we are.


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