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About ten years ago, I started becoming more intentional about my career and life.  To clarify, it’s not that I was drifting before.  Quite the opposite – I was driving hard in the WRONG DIRECTION!

It was the night before a micro economics midterm in second year university that was my “moment of clarity”.  I had been doing a lot of reading on articulating my values and goals and how those related to my career and life path.  What crystallized on that November night in 1998, was that the path I was on was in-congruent with the direction I innately knew I wanted to go in.

So I put down my textbook, grabbed a beer and began charting my new course.  (I dropped micro the next day which by default moved me from the honours to the general (“economics light”) program).

At that time, there were relatively few career and life management resources available on the Internet–and those that were there, certainly weren’t easy to find.  So I dove into books.  The extra time that I had gained from  the lightened course load I spent at Chapters (back in the days when they had lots of comfy chairs).  I devoured all of the personal development and business books that caught my eye.   Then I moved on to workshops and networking to connect with other people in discovery mode.

In my final year of university, I began to recognize that most students don’t have a good understanding of who they are and what they want (values and goals).  They are very knowledgeable about their field of study–but not themselves.  That realization helped me to see that I had an important role to play in helping others achieve their own moments of “clarity” and become more intentional about their career and life path.

That focus has helped me to navigate the course of my career thus far.  But reflecting on the true nature of my goals over the past couple of months, I recognized that I want to have an outlet that enables me to connect more directly with individuals ready to kick start the evolution process in their career and life.

I’m seeing a lot of exceptional on-line resources emerge in the field of career and life management.  Now I want to contribute to that community of knowledge and expertise.  I feel that it’s time to have an on-line voice.


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